The Resident S04E14

1080P – Episode 14 Season 4 S04E14 Past, Present, Future The wait is over as Conrad and Nic welcome the arrival of their baby girl. Meanwhile, Raptor’s life begins to fall apart and he is forced to turn to Cain for help. Also, Devon and Bell work together on a complicated surgery that may allow … Read more

The Resident S04E13

1080P – Episode 13 Season 4 S04E13 Finding Family On the day of Nic’s baby shower, Billie takes full control to make sure it goes smoothly, but a secret she’s been hiding changes everything. Devon and Leela stumble upon an apartment fire, where they assist in getting victims safely to Chastain and Leela gets a … Read more

The Resident S04E12

1080P – Episode 12 Season 4 S04E12 Hope in the Unseen With Nic’s due date steadily approaching, she and Conrad plan a relaxing day off, but their plans are interrupted when a patient with a medical mystery sends them rushing back to Chastain. Devon stays by Rose’s side as she starts her clinical trial and … Read more

The Resident S04E11

1080P – Episode 11 Season 4 S04E11 After the Storm When a tornado touches down in Atlanta with Chastain directly in its path, the entire staff goes into crisis mode. Conrad and Nic work on an injured EMT and Devon and Leela become trapped with a man who has severe head trauma, causing them to … Read more

The Resident S04E10

1080P – Episode 9 Season 4 S04E10 Into the Unknown Just when Mina and The Raptor can see their future together, an unexpected complication throws a wrench in their plans. Meanwhile, Cain faces a harsh reality when Kit gives him the opportunity to prove he is ready to return to the OR. Then, Devon presents … Read more

The Resident S04E09

1080P – Episode 9 Season 4 S04E09 Doors Opening, Doors Closing A case becomes personal for the staff when Conrad and Bell treat a pregnant woman who is carrying Jake’s future adopted child. Upon hearing surprising news from Princess Nadine, Devon contemplates the future of his love life. On the heels of meeting The Raptor’s … Read more

The Resident S04E08

1080P – Episode 8 Season 4 S04E08 First Days, Last Days On Nic’s first day back at Chastain, the man who attacked her is admitted to the ER, causing her to confront her trauma head-on. Cain, now in recovery, is self-conscious of his physical state and sets his eye on taking down Mina. Meanwhile, new … Read more