The Blacklist S08E20

1080P – Episode 20 Season 8 S08E20 Godwin Pag Liz, Red and Dembe are forced to work together to survive an attack from Townsend. Cooper and the Task Force attempt to de-escalate the increasing danger to all.

The Blacklist S08E19

1080P – Episode 19 Season 8 S08E19 Balthazar ‘Bino’ Baker Hoping to move some precious cargo quietly, Red enlists the assistance of an enforcer who specializes in transporting items through an underground network.

The Blacklist S08E17

1080P – Episode 17 Season 8 S08E17 Ivan Stepanov Red tries desperately to rescue an old friend at all costs, while Liz and Townsend conduct an interrogation

The Blacklist S08E16

1080P – Episode 16 Season 8 S08E16 Nicholas Obenrader Liz and the Task Force track new leads in their investigation of N-13 while Red takes steps to infiltrate Townsend’s criminal organization.

The Blacklist S08E15

1080P – Episode 15 Season 8 S08E15 The Russian Knot The task force hatches a plan to steal a Soviet-era cipher machine needed to decrypt coded messages. Townsend puts Liz’s loyalty to the test. Red and Dembe are called to an unexpected meeting.

The Blacklist S08E12

1080P – Episode 12 Season 8 S08E12 Rakitin The task force’s determination to identify a Russian asset in the U.S. government puts Cooper and Reddington in increasingly treacherous positions.

The Blacklist S08E11

1080P – Episode 11 Season 8 S08E11 Captain Kidd The task force attempts to stop an abduction by searching for a “treasure man” who uses geocaching to hide illicit goods and facilitate transactions between otherwise warring criminal factions.