SEAL Team S04E13

1080P – Episode 13 Season 4 S04E13 Do No Harm Bravo is tasked with bringing a defecting Boko Haram lieutenant into U.S. custody, but the mission goes sideways when the target gets attacked. Also, Sonny drops the ball as Bravo’s rep on the U.S.S. Keating, and the entire team pays the price.

SEAL Team S04E11

1080P – Episode 11 Season 4 S04E11 Limits of Loyalty Jason is put on trial with a potential career-ending outcome, without knowing if his closest friend, Ray, has his back. Also, Stella moves in with Clay, and Sonny visits Hannah to help her prepare for the arrival of their baby.

SEAL Team S04E10

1080P – Episode 10 Season 4 S04E10 A Question of Honor Jason’s career and freedom hang in the balance when Command accuses him of committing a horrific crime during a mission. With Bravo under a no-contact order, Jason must fight this battle without his brothers.