All American S03E13

1080P – Episode 13 Season 3 S03E13 Bring the Noise When Spencer learns that Grace skipped her own college graduation, he enlists Olivia’s help to throw her a surprise party. Billy is worried about his players’ chances at college recruitment, so he tries to organize a scrimmage game to help.  

All American S03E12

1080P – Episode 12 Season 3 S03E12 Fight the Power When the truth comes out, Laura is furious and is left to face the consequences. Seeing everything going on, Spencer doesn’t want to sit on the sidelines and asks something of his teammates that could jeopardize the rest of their season. Billy deals with something … Read more

All American S03E11

1080P – Episode 11 Season 3 S03E11 The Bigger Picture When a college scout comes to talk to Spencer, he must decide if the strings attached is worth it. Billy realizes that the recruiting game has changed and has an idea on how to help his players. A police shooting of a young black woman … Read more

All American S03E10

1080P – Episode 10 Season 3 S03E10 Put Up or Shut Up Summary Spencer is feeling the pressure and knows he needs to have the game of his life as he is still trying to follow his dream of playing football. Jordan makes a risky choice when it comes to football. Olivia attends a new … Read more

All American S03E09

1080P – Episode 9 Season 3 S03E09 Testify Spencer is upset with Olivia, which leaves him to face some difficult truths of his own. Olivia makes things even worse, leaving Billy, Laura and Jordan worried. Billy is in search of a kicker and holds school tryouts and is surprised at who the number one candidate … Read more